Join NedSpace by May 15th and help a Cyborg get a new leg!

Nedspace Downtown - Portland's Premiere Co-working Space

NedSpace is downtown Portland’s premiere co-working space! It’s the perfect place to start a business, work on client projects and meet new people working towards similar goals.

There’s already a bunch of people at NedSpace, but there could always be more. NedSpace has space! That’s why, starting today, if you sign up for a desk or office at NedSpace before May 15, 100% of that month’s rent goes towards the Cyborg Reconstruction Fund!

Nedspace - co-working for startups, technologists, artists, and social changemakers

What is the Cyborg Reconstruction fund?

In March, Portland resident Amber Case @caseorganic severely fractured all of the bones in her ankle. She is recovering after a complex and costly surgery. She was also uninsured at the time of the accident. The Cyborg Reconstruction fund was started by Kris Krug to help Amber deal with the medical bills.


Why get a desk at NedSpace?

That’s a simple question to answer! It’s super affordable! There are not many other places in downtown Portland where you can get a desk and wireless for only $175 a month.
Don Park's office at Nedspace

For instance, Don Park @donpdonp has a space at NedSpace Downtown. It looks very comfortable and great for getting work done!

Everything is included:

  • Desk + Chair
  • 10 meg burstable up and down wireless.
  • 24/7 access.
  • A brand new Canon color phaser printer.
  • 3 conference rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Bike parking
  • 2 blocks away from the Max.
  • Incredible, intelligent people.
  • No fees for booking conference rooms or printing
  • Free event space (up to 250) NedSpace for member supported nonprofits
  • Air-conditioned in summertime
  • Billions of whiteboards
  • LCD projector

What about an office?

Private Office at Nedspace Downtown

Need an office for your company, startup, contract work or project? NedSpace’s downtown location has 8 private offices are available. They range from the insanely affordable price of $375-675. $175/$275 desk – $375-675 office – month to month.

Sound like your kind of thing? Contact Nedspace!

Put the “Cyborg Reconstruction Fund” in the subject line. Too soon? Want a tour? Call (503) 502-0185 and ask for Mark Grimes.

Nedspace - co-working for startups, technologists, artists, and social changemakers


This offer is valid for new Downtown NedSpace members only. As long as you sign up between now and May 15th. When you sign up, let Nedspace know it’s for the Cyborg Reconstruction fund. That’s all you need! Contact mark dot grimes at ned dot com or sign up at
Don’t like NedSpace? You don’t have to stay, but we think you’ll probably enjoy it once you’re there.

Meeting Room at Nedspace - co-working for startups

Already have an office?

You can still to the Cyborg Reconstruction fund by PayPal! A number of people already have!


Amber Case, (@caseorganic) is a Cyborg Anthropologist studying the interaction between humans and computers and how our relationship with information is changing the way we think, act, and understand the world around us. She’s obsessed with compressing the space and time it takes to get data from one place to another, especially when the final destination is the mind.