Portland Immersive Media Group Show 26-28 May 2017!

houseguest-portland-immersive-media-group-vr-pioneer-square-may-2017Friday 26 May 2017: If you’re in Portland, Oregon on Friday May 26, 27th or 28th, consider coming down to Pioneer Courthouse Square for an collection of VR demos, art and lectures!

Houseguest is a residency program that brings artists to the square to enliven local culture and community. This month’s Houseguest is the Portland Immersive Media Group, a VR and AR art collective and research group. I’ll be speaking at the event on Sunday from 2-3pm! See you there!

Tickets and more information


4PM-6PM – TGIF “VR Spa” treatments for Portland’s hard working folk

8PM-9PM – Commencement ceremony featuring music by Golden Retriever and movement artists exploring ‘motion capture.’

8-10PM – Pioneer Courthouse Square in High Fidelity


3PM-4PM – Tech Talk: Kent Bye – “The Ultimate Potential of Virtual Reality”

4PM-5PM – Workshop: “Metafesto: Refiguring Social Media, Preparing for the Metaverse” w/ Matt Henderson

6PM-7PM – Performance: EMA + EMS with movement artists exploring motion capture.

7PM-8PM – Live DJs + VR lounge

8PM-10PM – Google Earth VR + Pioneer Courthouse Square in High Fidelity


1PM-4PM – Pioneer Courthouse Square in High Fidelity

2PM-3PM – Tech Talk: “Calm Technology” with cyborg anthropologist Amber Case

3PM-4PM – Workshop: “Adventures in Anyland”

7PM-8PM – Down tempo dance party in virtual & real Pioneer Courthouse Square.

The 6th Portland Data Visualization Group – Wed, October 19, 2011 from 6:30–8:30pm at Collective Agency!

It’s time for another Portland Data Visualization Meetup! We’ll have three to four main presentations and networking time. The last one was in February, and we’re overdue for the next one!

We usually have some conversation and networking, so feel free to bring business cards and/or let people know if you’re hiring. We won’t have a food or drink sponsor for this meeting, so feel free to bring your own snacks and things to eat! (if you’d like to sponsor, see the section at the end of this post).

This time, Collective Agency will graciously host us as their cozy coworking space (see below for the address and entrance instructions). For best results, please arrive a little before 6:30 Pm.

Thanks to our Sponsor Second Story!

Fantastic Portland company Second Story will be the sponsor of this month’s Data Viz group! You can check out their amazing work online at SecondStory.com.

Second Story will be bringing food and drinks for all of you to enjoy. We’ll thank them more on the day of the event!

Speakers for Data Viz #6

1. Dino Citraro of Periscopic will be presenting some new visualization work.

2. Rocket Scientist Nathan Bergey will be talking about his open source tool chain (mostly python and bender) for his recent rocket data viz [video link], and will bring an ISS-Notify (an awesome lamp that blinks when the international space station goes over your current position)!

3. Kevin Lynagh will give a talk on Mike Bostock’s D3 library: http://mbostock.github.com/d3/, a declarative way to map data to DOM elements, so you can very easily make complex visualizations for the web with what you already know: HTML, SVG, and CSS!

4. Charlie Loyd will give a talk on his self-GPS-tracking.

5. Aaron Parecki will show some data viz from a group in Norway that used Geoloqi to track a high altitude balloon 17km into the air!

Who Should Go?

Portland Data Viz Group is open to everyone interested in or working in the field of data visualization. This means designers, programmers, information architects, data miners, anthropologists, ect. We usually attract around 20-30 people, and you’re welcome to bring guests, food and drinks to the event.

Location and Time

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 from 6:30–8:30pm. RSVP on Plancast


Collective Agency
322 NW Sixth Ave (between Everett and Flanders)
Suite 200
Portland, Oregon 97209
(Google Map)

Entrance instructions: Buzz “200″ when you arrive. The phone will ring once or twice, then you’ll be buzzed up. Come on in: we’ll be on the second floor. Walk on back to the main loft and you’ll be welcomed in!

Google Group

If you’re interested in getting updates for for future meetings, simply join the the pdx-visualization Google Group! As the name implies, it is a group for Portland-area people interested in languages and techniques for visualization of data. http://groups.google.com/group/pdx-visualization.

Presentation is the Product | A Colaboratory Wrap-Up

Sameunderneath | Think It, Wear It, Believe It.Today at 2Pm, all of the members of Portland Advertising Federation’s Colaboratory program presented their final marketing plan to Sameunderneath, a local sustainable clothing company.

Team Lattice showed a 5 minute video about their experiences before delving into the presentation.

The Lattice Presentation

  • Research and Strategy
  • Digital Brand Experience
  • In-Store Branding
  • Spreading Awareness
  • Experiental

The Types of Sameunderneath Buyers

  • Change Agents
  • Enlightened Rebels
  • Movers and Shakers
  • Established Pioneers

Some of the brilliant ideas they came up with were as follows:

  • Consumer Education: hangtags with information about the company’s values and the clothing ingredients and creation process. This will allow the consumer to really interact with the history of each piece of clothing.
  • Stickers that can be written upon, to generate content for ideas — to spread the sameunderneath brand. Biodegrade nontoxic stickers.
  • Chalk wall poetry can then be put on the walls of buildings with the sameunderneath.com logo at bottom – generated from Stickers #colab
  • Projecting comments from a live Twitter feed about the Sameunderneath product on the catwalk of a Sameunderneath fashion show in LA. Sponsored and attended by socially-conscious, high-profile musicians.
  • Branding on the inside of the clothing, so that wearers can lift their shirts to show, indeed, that they are wearing Sameunderneath. (Serves as an advertisement for photo opportunities, and a chance to show off nicely toned Yoga-abs?).
    • Flyers
    • Website relaunch
    • Outdoor wallscapes
    • Magazine
    • Documetnary Series
    • Sameunderneath Film Festival
    • 30 second Promotion
    • T-Shirt Challenge
    • Banner Ads
    • Pioneer Square Gallery
  • The Sameunderneath Target Market:

    “People who give a Damn”
    And for people who love music——>Advertising on Pandora.com”

    Audience Interaction

    Lattice team members ended by handing out stickers to everyone in the audience, saying, “Please, finish the statements on these “biodegradable, non-toxic stickers” and place them in locations that are poinigiant (and

    Ryan Christensen, Founder of Sameunderneath said, “this idea is genius…(holds up the stickers with fill-in blanks) …when I first began Sameundenerath

    An LA Resident Responds to the Sticker Idea

    I was live blogging the Colaboratory Presentation as it happened, and I received a reponse to the stickers from @willtorres from Los Angeles, California.

    @willtorres: “@caseorganic yeah, i love the stickers idea a lot. i was going to imitate a project i found with stickers throughout the city.”

    Looks like their idea will be a great success.


    Team Kiwi Presents

    Luke Rolka:
    Sameundeneath started as an educational curriculum…an idea. Now it has transformed into this business model. This socially responsible business.

    “What we want to do is take this and make it big — move it national”.

    “We want to take Saemunderneath and turn it into a model of super awesome success”.

    Bryan Davidson: Even as Samunderneath grows, there are certain values that must stay the same.

    Bryan Davidson’s words were, true, charismatic, thoughtful and provocative, which mirrored exactly the bullet points on the screen.

    “You’re not just selling clothes, you’re selling a value system.”

    “It is important to keep things small while thinking large. So we propose a new role of Community Director, because the world needs more Ryans.”

    Luke Rolka: Consumers these days are really looking for ways to engage in a brand.The director is taking the Sameunderneath values and living and breathing them…becoming the representation of the brand. here in Portland. Then they can take that knowledge and adapt it to a city that they’re going to be running, and see how they can do it there.

    Christine Vo: Sameunderneath is known very well in portland right now, but we want to take that internationally.

    The T-Shirt Challenge

    A way for designers to really get their name out there and show off their work.

    Film Festivals, Lecture Series, Art Shows, and a Magazine

    This was a decidedly different take then the music /urban street appelation basis of the Team Lattice presentation.

    Founding of a Corporate Magazine, each zine with region focus, showing what each of those locations are doing with their local community and the Sameunderneath brand.

    Then Unveiled a New Website: in which each of the pages have great design, Documentary Series, Philosophy, Community. “Get Involved” tab.

    “What would you say to the world if you had 30 seconds to speak your mind?”
    Rebels are encouraged to speak their minds on any subject and submit the video to the Sameunderneath website.

    Flyers Embedded with Seeds

    In order for you to grow, you have to engage with the customer. How better than by growing pieces of paper? Flyers embedded with Wildflower seeds. They can be buried in the backyard and have the words, “grow your paper and your ideas”.

    “Each city’s flyer will have a different skyline, and we will try to get local artists to do the images for them. At every point, it is important to get local artists to do things for the compay…all these things create sustainable organic growth frr your company.

    Then at the end presented a marketing plan roundup which included:


    Now Ryan has to choose. It is a very intense decision. He leaves to use the restroom.

    Sameunderneath had a 1.5 million growth revenue last year. The company is interested in affordable and efficient marketing methods for growth.

    It all comes down to the customer base. Are they artsy and into film? Are they into music? The marketing plans seem to target slightly different demographics. Lattice presents an urban grassroots music-base, and Kiwi defines the demographic as a more thoughtful, artsy, film-loving creature.

    The success of either marketing plan all comes down to what best fits the true demographic of Sameunderneath consumers.

    To Team Lattice: One of your best points was the paper; that pamphlet that has the story that goes into the stores to educate the people. Something that each floor sales staff can read to better understand the product.

    To Team Kiwi: We’ve been doing flyers since the beginning of the company, but now we’re starting to do personal invitations. It’s a way to say, we don’t want to waste your time with pieces of paper. With a private invite, people have to go out of their way to ask their friends to attend an event, and it is more word of mouth than objective and detached.

    Ryan: This is a really difficult decision. They’re two different plans.

    I really liked the fact that Team Lattice had the fill-in sticker that told the story of the brand. At the end of the day, it’s a new version of “hello my name is” Things like that are so personal and so engaged with community. It could go anywhere and be filled in with the culture of that community, that space.

    To Team Lattice: I thought you ladies did a great job and restrained it to what really matterned.

    In addition, your presentation’s marketing recommendations started small and then went big, just like how Sameunderneath should be growing. If you had shown me the magazine in the beginning, I would’ve discounted it right from the start. Do you have any idea how much it costs to publish something like that?

    To Team Kiwi:What I really liked a lot was Bryan. You were kind of the leader of the pack. It wasn’t a presentation—you were being you.

    The Decision

    Ryan buys enough time to think, and then makes his decision. It is Team Lattice. But he points out that he doesn’t want to make a decision at all, because both teams came up with exceptional ideas.

    “I would like each and every one of you to E-mail me,” he says, “and each of you to come to visit my creative team. I want both teams to be there to put in opinions and voice their two cents.”

    The Colaboratory Sameunderneath Discount

    Ryan added that, “Between now and the end of the month—everything in the store is $20 from now until the end of the month. Just let the store staff know that you’re a member of Colab and this discount will be available to you”.

Final Thoughts

According to Malcolm McCullough, author of Digital Ground, “Design is the Product”. Design is what people experience, what they see…all text, all seen and unseen material. It is that Psychology of space that design induces that makes a person feel positively or negatively about a space or thing. Online voluntary communities need a base under which to interact. They cannot be forced into acting voluntarily. They must weave themselves into the brand’s story.

I believe Team Lattice did this the best, because they created three distinct and affordable ways in which consumers could weave themselves into the brand’s story while helping to tell that story. The hang tags describing each piece of clothing and the company’s philosophy, the fill-in stickers, and the concert were all integrating factors that weaved the brand into the lives of the consumers.

It has been an amazing experience watching the #Colab members interact with each other and their agencies. I can’t wait to watch how they develop in the future. I’ve never seen such a dedicated and intelligent group of designers work so hard on a project before. Kudos to everyone. Team Lattice and Team Kiwi will go incredibly far, and soon.


    About the Colaboratory Internship Project

    Sponsored by the Portland Ad Federation, the COLAB project believes that “Interning at 1 agency is so pre-millennial”, and takes a different route in inspiring the creativity and professional education of its interns.

    From the Colaboratory website: “COLABORATORY takes place over 6 weeks in Portland, Oregon. 10 participants are selected and individually paired with 3 of the 11 agencies based on their strengths and interests. Interns spend 2 intensely focused weeks at each agency learning from all disciplines”.


  • Allison McKeever
  • Bryan Davidson
  • Christene  Vo
  • Heather Schwartz
  • Kim Karalekas
  • Luke Rolka
  • Melissa Casillas
  • Mary McPherson
  • Megan Nuttall
  • Whitney Bard
  • Agencies:

  • Ascentium
  • eROI
  • Anvil Media
  • Fish Marketing
  • the|new|group
  • Grady Britton
  • CMD
  • Asterix Group
  • HMH
  • Livengood|Nowack.
  • Also check out the Team Lattice business card: It grows with their ideas.

    Christene Vo, Bram Pitoyo, Amber Case

    Hazelnut Tech Talk is proud to play a part in reporting the COLAB experience, and is dedicated to connecting COLAB members with local networks, people and events that are moving and shaking the design world.

    All of the members of COLABORATORY have been blogging about their adventures since their first day. Bram Pitoyo built a way to follow all of the action at once. It also checks the latest Twitter conversation that’s hastagged #COLAB, so you do none of the work and get all the results. Check out Bram Pitoyo’s COLAB Feed Aggregator from Yahoo! Pipes.