Lesson 2 – 7 ways to expand your online presence through sharing conference proceedings.

Peter Morville is the master of establishing his link estate on the Google search for his name. If your online presnece is not as robust as his when you search your own name in Google, you might want to work on your Flickr account, Linkedin profile, Digg profile, Stumbleupon profile, person and work blogs, and conference proceedings.

Case in point:


Assure you’re going to conference A, next week. You’re really excited becuase you have some great material (or not), and you’d like to use the mateiral to it’s full advantage.

Web 2.0 can help you. Instead of a document that exists as a pressentation at only one location in space and time, you can let your information out to many differnet outlets by blogging, Twittering, sending guest posts, and uploading your Powerpoint slides to slideshare and telling your Twitter community about it (something Peter Morville does excellently).

I. You’re going to the conference A in a week. Post on your (professional blog)(personal blog) ” I am going to be presenting next week at PLACE.TIME (LINK TO CONFERENCE) — I will be talking about (TALK ABOUT IT).

II. When you’re at conference A. Post on your (professional blog)(personal blog) “Hello from PLACE – these people are here (LINK TO THESE PEOPLE), and how SWEET they are because they’re presenting (talk about what they’re presenting).

II.5 On Twitter, while at conference A, write “I am at (LOCATION) about to present at (link to conference)”.

II.75 Use Mac’s Address Book to immediately enter in business card information, Twitter names, ect during the table breaks. Also write how/where you met them in the comments section (put their history, what they spoke about, and how their expersite can benefit your future self).

III. After conference A, post on your (professional blog)(personal blog), the conference proceedings (photos (use Flickr), briefs of (also link to this from Twitter (use tinyurl.com to make the url length shorter).

IV. If conference has site, try to post on their site with a copy of your speech/lecture/presenation/powerpoint, or your profile. Also comment on the conference on the conference website (if possible) to network with other conference visitors.

V. Post on socially conscious websites who are repositories of information on micromanaging…ect.

End goal:
Emulate Peter Morville’s online presence.
Over time, colonize as much of the google page about your name as possible.