Sick of Clicking Next? Autopagerize Does the Clicking For You! | A Greasemonkey Tutorial

mozilla-addons-for-firefoxI first heard about Autopagerizer through Marshall Kirkpatrick of Read Write Web. He demonstrated it by doing a Google search and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.Except there wasn’t and “bottom of the page”. Instead, page 2 of the Google search results loaded. And when he scrolled down to the bottom of page two, page three loaded.


“This doesn’t just work for Google search results,” he said, “It works for Flickr too!”. He wisked over to Flickr with quick Apple+Tab, and scrolled down to the bottom of his photostream. It worked. The next page automatically loaded. It was great.

“See?” he said, grinning, “it’s the best way to view tons of Flickr photos at once”.

I was hooked. I knew I’d never go back to browing the Internet the same way. I quickly installed Greasemonkey and installed the Autopagerize over it. It was simple to do, and you can do it within the next five or ten minutes.

First, Install Greasemonkey for Firefox


First, you’ll need to install the Greasemonkey plugin, so make sure you’re running Firefox.If you don’t run Firefox (which you should, especially if you’re running Internet Explorer) then you can download Firefox here (it’s free).

Greasemonkey installs just like any other plugin. You may have to restart the browser after you install it. Just make sure to copy this URL when you close it so you can come back and finish the rest of the install.


Next, Install Autopagerize

Okay, now you’ve installed Greasemonkey. Now, all you have to go is install Autopagerize.


Got it installed? Great! Now type something into Google and scroll down to the bottom of the page. The second page should load automatically. If it does not, then try restarting your browser.

A Note of Caution:

Jeremy Logan makes a good point when he says: “this is a neat and useful addon, but you should be aware that if you use other Greasemonkey scripts or add-ons to modify pages then they generally run once the page is loaded. This means the scripts won’t run on the second (third, fouth…) page’s content once it’s loaded”. Thanks, Jeremy!

That aside, it doesn’t end there. There’s a bevy of scripts out there that can help make your Internet experience much more enjoyable. Autopagerize is just the tip of the iceberg.

Other Greasemonkey Scripts You Might Want to Try

Nested Twitter Replies

Nested Twitter Replies looks for the phrase “in reply to [user]” and recursively gets all replies to display the conversation thread as a nested block. You can get Nested Twitter Replies here

Remove All Facebook Ads

This is a cool Greasemonkey script because it removes all the ads from your Facebook experience. Unless you like ads. If you do, that’s fine with me. You don’t have to install the script.

Download Remove All Facebook Ads here.

Better Twitter

Adds auto reloading, continuous scrolling, @reply highlights, last read tweet, auto-completion of friends in @replies, @mentions, and direct messages, inline replies, minified layout, map for coordinates, retweeting, tweet preview, and more!

You can download Better Twitter here.


First off all, this script is awesome. If you search for something on Google and a video comes up in your search results, you can play the video right in your search results without having to go to the page.

But this script doesn’t just work for Google – it works for all websites, and videos from most video sites, like glumbert, metacafe, google, yahoo, photobucket, youtube, myspace…(and many others) so you can view the video without opening a new page.

You can download Videoembed here.

Want More Scripts?

Since you have Greasemonkey, you can install any scripts you want by finding scripts through, an entire database of related scripts.



Amber Case is a cyborg anthropologist, consultant, writer, and analyst from Portland, Oregon. You can contact her at caseorganic at, or on Twitter at @caseorganic.

The SEO Quake Addon for Firefox | Page Rank, Inlinks, and Sitemaps

Seo Addons, Extensions for FirefoxI was talking with Julian Chadwick of PDXPipeline this Monday about the tools he uses for search engine optimization. We recorded a podcast that will be posted Monday night on Hazelnut Tech Talk. However I wanted to pass on some of the information he gave me regarding the SEO plugins he uses for Firefox. I’d like to review the SEO Quake, as it has been very useful to me.

Basic Information

There are a few baseline pieces of baseline information that any SEO beginner. One of these is Page Rank, or Google’s consideration of what a given page is worth. Page rank varies from site to site, and there are a number of factors that contribute to pagerank. One of them is the amount of websites linking to a given website. This is called ‘inlinks’. One can find out this information by going to Google and entering the string “link:”.

The amount of links from a site to you website show up differently in Yahoo! Search vs. Google search vs. MSN. Obtaining this data takes a while without a good tool to help you find it. There are additional metrics one can find about a site, such as the page rank, sitemap, alexa rank, and whether the site has been indexed in search engines or not. Site indexing is different from checking inlinks.

If the pages of your site are not indexed by search engines, it is difficult for searchers to find them. Making sure your website has a sitemap and submitting it to Google Webmaster tools is an essential baseline step in the SEO process. You can generate an .xml sitemap for free by using the free tool provided at

SEO Quake for Firefox

SEO Quake is a plugin that adds another layer of information on top of your brower’s basic information. Instead of having to search for inlinks, the inlinks are displayed right on top of the site for you. You can also choose what information you want displayed about the site. There are plenty of options (accessible from preferences) that allow you to view any information you want about the page you’re on. There are Yahoo! inlinks, links to domain, Alexa rank, Page Rank, inlinks from MSN, compete rank, sitemap, and the robots.txt file, just to name a few.

SEO Quake Addon for Firefox - Preferences

Using SEO Quake rocks. It’s super-customizable and generates a ton of rich information without the need to click. Plus, you can click on the information and download into a spreadsheet or text document for later use or data analysis. Highly recommended.


This is a link to the download site for SEO Quake. Again, it is only available for Firefox browsers, so if you aren’t using Firefox (which you most undoubtedly should), then you’ll be missing out.


Thanks to Julian Chadwick for mentioning this plugin. You can check out Julian’s site at PDXPipeline or follow him on Twitter @pdxpipeline.

For more information on SEO, Julian and I both recommend, a Seattle-based company providing an extremely comprehensive database of resources and tools for beginner, intermediate, and advanced SEO specialists. Try the free Trifecta tool on your site for starters.


Amber Case is a Cyborg Anthropologist from Portland, Oregon. You can follow her online @caseorganic.

Tired of Filling out Comment Forms? There’s a Firefox Add-on for that!

Fill out forms with the click of a button

Firefox Auto Fill Forms Plugin

Auto-Fill Form Plugin for Firefox

If you’re like me, you’re probably sick of filling out a bunch of forms over and over again for new social media sites, comment forms, and newsletter subscriptions. While OpenId takes care of some of it, there are still areas that are left unfilled. Why not just fill out one form and have them all filled out forever?

How it Works and What it Does

Autofill Forms enables you to fill out web forms with one click or a keyboard shortcut.

Firefox Plugin AutoFill Screen

Click Here to Download It

The plugin places a cute little pencil on the top of your browser window that you can click to automatically fill out forms. You can switch profiles and modify your settings by simply clicking the down button next to the pencil icon.

Other Auto-Fill Plugins?

If you know of any better options for auto form fillouts, please let me know, especially if you’ve used and really enjoyed them.


Amber Case is a new media consultant based in Portland, Oregon. If you liked this post, you might want to subscribe to the Hazelnut Tech Talk RSS Feed, simply because RSS feeds are cool and efficient ways of obtaining interesting and useful information really quickly!