Esri Events at SXSW

Here’s what Esri will be doing at SXSW this year!

Catch the Esri Trolley!

Esri Trolley

Catch the Esri trolley to the Lavahouse! The trolley runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9:45am to 5pm! (No badge required!) Look for the trolley with the giant globe on the side!

The trolley picks up at 5th & Neches and will take you straight to the Lavahouse! You can also see where the trolley is on the live tracker map!

Friday Geo Happy Hour

Saturday Geo Happy Hour

SXSW Official OAuth Meetup

Sunday Geo Brunch

Esri Open Data Hackathon with City of Austin

Panel: The Commoditization of Overnight Entrepreneurship

Esri Lavahouse

The Lavahouse is open to the public! (no badge needed) Stop by at any point during the day to hang out with other like-minded geo people and check out the cool demos!

  • Fri 3/8, Sat 3/9, Sun 3/10
  • Open 10am-5pm

1614 Lavaca Street

Austin, TX

(Entrance is around the back)

The trolley picks up at 5th & Neches and will take you straight to the Lavahouse! You can also see where the trolley is on the live tracker map!

Esri Trolley Map

Life Update: Geoloqi is joining Esri!

Aaron Parecki and I started Geoloqi formally in April 2010. Before that, it had been a matter of major focus for both of us in different ways. We started Geoloqi as a side-project, and then left our jobs to work on it full-time when it got too large for us to devote part of our time to. We went from forty hours a week at a day job and sixty hours a week on Geoloqi to a full one hundred hours a week dedicated to the project. We started asking for money from customers and we began to receive checks. That’s when we decided that this project might have more legs as a company than we previously expected.

In April 2011 Aaron and I went to San Francisco and refused to come back to Portland until we had a term sheet from an investor. We came back with more than that – and we quickly caught the interest of a number of local Portland investors. When Aaron and I first started Geoloqi, we received a number of acquisition offers right off the bat. None were a culture fit and none of them made any sense.

Aaron Parecki and Amber Case

If we were ever to merge Geoloqi into a larger company, Aaron and I decided that there would have to be a number of factors at play. The first one would be a market fit. The second would be that we really got along with the people at the larger company. The third would be that we had complementary technologies. So many acquisitions happens where technology overlaps and great products are destroyed.

Our Goal

Our goal was to keep the company funded by Portland investors, hiring Portland talent and eventually keep the entire product working in Portland. We didn’t anticipate selling the company, and we were very interested in keeping the company bootstrapped. We only raised money when we needed it, and were racing to get to sustainable profit as quickly as possible.

Our goal was to create a long term valuable company that could grow over time and bring great future location technologies to a variety of industries and developers. We started the project at the dining room table until it grew difficult to have so many people work around it. After that we worked out of PIE and then Upstart Labs until that became too crowded as well. Our long-term office is located in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon, and it’s where we aim to stay for a long time.

A Very Nice Match

Early on, we were told about Esri and how they were a very unique company. We didn’t know quite how unique they were until last year when Aaron and I keynoted an Esri Portland dev meetup. We realized that Esri had a great amount of technology that we simply couldn’t built. Conversely, our technology added to their existing offering. As time went on, we realized just how much we had to offer each other, and we started discussing a partnership with them. We realized that we could get to our mutual goals faster by joining forces, and the acquisition occurred.

Geoloqi and Esri Join Forces

What next?

We’ll not only have the same team but I’ll be in pretty much the same position with a different title. Geoloqi will become the Esri R&D Center, Portland. We’ll run it in the same way we did before. I’ll be the Director of the center, and Aaron will be CTO. We’ll keep the same office and the same employees. No longer do Aaron, Robin and I need to look at Excel spreadsheets and manage spending like a hawk. No longer do we need to worry about spending too much by a VC forcing us to get big too quick. We can work on long term, sustainable products. We’re very excited to move forward, and already are integrating a lot of Esri technology into our existing stack!

Eventually, we’ll be moving our entire site as it exists onto, but that will be in the future. Even then, service won’t be changed, and you’ll still have access to the same services you’re used to. There will be some changes, though, in the amount of features and services you’ll have access to over time. We’ll begin to expose all of the interesting features Esri has to offer, starting with Geocoding, a service we’re releasing through our API today! Because we’ll be adding more services in the future, we’ll be rolling out a more feature-friendly pricing service that fits the needs of our developers. We’re happy because we’ll have a lot more support available for our customers and users, and we’re looking forward to pushing the platform forward to where it needs to be.

Thank you so very much!

Thank you to everyone for being there for us, our families for putting up with how much time we spent working on this project, and our employees for working with our vision and for bringing it to life. We have major thanks for our investors for investing in first-time entrepreneurs. This won’t be the last you’ll see of Aaron and I, but another experience we’ll use to grow and understand the world around us. We wake up every morning excited to show the world what they can do with location, and now we have even more help than before. Here’s to you and all your help on our journey forward!

Geoloqi at the Esri Developer Conference

Thank you list:

  • Our incredible PR team at theMIX Agency, managed Vanessa and Jennifer.
  • Nitin Khanna, MergerTech
  • Jerry Carleton, Immix Law Group
  • Robin Jones, our COO
  • My co-founder, Aaron Parecki, for being the best co-founder anyone could ever hope to have.
  • Sheldon Renan, Roberta Margolis, Lee Latour and a few others who wish to remain anonymous but had immense impact.
  • The entire Geoloqi team!
    • Kenichi Nakamura
    • Pat Arlt
    • Kyle Drake
    • Josh Yaganah

About Geoloqi

Geoloqi is a powerful platform for real-time location-based services, and makes it simple for enterprise partners, OEMs and mobile developers to quickly add rich geolocation functionality to apps and devices. It provides a complete, real-time toolkit for tracking, messaging, battery management, geofencing, storage and actionable analytics, with a language agnostic SDK and proprietary API. Founded in 2010, Geoloqi is based in Portland, OR and backed by Portland Seed Fund and TIE. For more information on Geoloqi, visit

About Esri

Esri was founded in 1969 by Jack and Laura Dangermond and develops geographic information systems (GIS) software that is used around the world. On any given day, more than a million people use Esri’s GIS to ensure that location analytics and awareness are maximized to improve the way their organizations conduct business. Esri gives GIS users what they need by listening closely and incorporating their feedback and recommended improvements.