Calm Tech: speech rating system at Warsaw’s #mceconf. Every room had two iPads on stands outside of it. To vote, attendees pressed their RFID-enabled attendee badge to the thumbs up iPad or the thumbs down iPad. This system was fun and easy to use, but my favorite voting system is still Sweden’s ØREDEV CONFERENCE. Green, yellow and red slips of paper were placed next to a clear glass a outside of each room. Attendees picked up a colored slip of paper and placed it in the jar on the way out of the talk. Everyone could easily see how much the talked was liked based on the volume of green, yellow or red slips of paper in the jar! Instant feedback. #conferences #voting

Calm Tech: speech rating system at Warsaw’s #mceconf. Every room had two iPads on stands outside of it. To vote, attendees pressed their RFID-enabled attendee badge to the thumbs up iPad or the thumbs down iPad.
This system was fun and easy to use, but my favorite voting system is still Sweden’s ØREDEV CONFERENCE. Green, yellow and red slips of paper were placed next to a clear glass a outside of each room. Attendees picked up a colored slip of paper and placed it in the jar on the way out of the talk. Everyone could easily see how much the talked was liked based on the volume of green, yellow or red slips of paper in the jar! Instant feedback. #conferences #voting

I’m Leaving My Day Job to Work Full-Time on Geoloqi!

I’ve made the difficult decision to leave my day job and go full-time with Aaron Parecki and others on Geoloqi. In doing so, I am leaving Vertigo Software, the best company I’ve ever worked for. I remember feeling normal (as a nerd often doesn’t) when I first visited the headquarters last year. I remember finding it easy to talk to everyone about tons of awesome things. Had things been any different, I would’ve stayed for as long as possible. I fully intended on doing so when I joined.

I had the privilege to work on some incredible projects including mobile applications for NBC Sports. Each project gave me a new experience and a new way of approaching problems. Early on, I learned from Andrew Thompson what would’ve taken me years to learn on my own. My mind was stretched, my process developed, and my skills strengthened. These were not easy projects. The best things are not very easy. However, Vertigo had a way of picking projects that increasingly challenged me (like a good video-game) so that I could safely level up.

What Next?

Lots of speaking engagements, making Geoloqi a heck of a lot better than it is right now, interacting a lot more with the Portland tech community and global community, and a game of real-life PacMan using GPS! I’ll also be speaking all over the world, which was an effect of speaking at TED. It’s going to be an intense and interesting year.

Conference and Speaking Schedule

  • Where2.0 – April 19-21.
  • WhereCamp, Stanford University – April 22-23.
  • Open Gov West – May 12-13.
  • Webdirections Conference, Seattle – May 13-14.
  • Augmented Reality Event, Santa Clara, Ca. – May 17-18.
  • Open Gov Hackathon – Apps for Education – May 21.
  • Geoloqi at TiE Oregon – May 25th.
  • Geoloqi at Webvisions – May 25-27.
  • Frontiers of Interaction Conference, Milan, Italy – June 16-18
  • OS Bridge – June 20-24.
  • Indie Web Camp – June 25-26.
  • SF Writers Systems Theory Workshop – July 11-20.
  • Speech in SF – July 21-22.
  • Conference on Technology, Seoul, Korea. August 1-5.
  • Geoloqi in Germany, August 6-22.
  • Media Evolution: The Conference, Malmo, Sweden. August 23-25.
  • Westminster Symposium on Democracy, Westminster College, September 19-22.
  • Manchester University Speech on Technology and Humanity, September 23.
  • Conference TBD, Boston, MA, November 2011.
  • IxDA 2011, Dublin, Ireland. Feb/ 2011.

I should be updating all of this information into Dopplr as it happens:

If you’d like to book me for a speaking engagement or for consulting appointment, please see speaking.


A Dictionary of Cyborg Anthropology, illustrated by Maggie Nichols, will be available this summer.

Real-life PacMan with Geoloqi this Weekend!

If you’re in Portland this weekend we’ll be running a real-life game of PacMan at the Park Blocks. Hope to see you there!


Thanks to everyone at Vertigo and in the Portland and San Francisco startup community for their support. If you ever want to contact me, feel free to tweet @caseorganic. Talk to you soon!

Get Excited and Make Things with Science at Science Hack Day San Francisco!

We’re very excited to kick-off the announcement of Science Hack Day SF!

A Hack Day is an event that brings together various types of geeks in the same physical space for a brief but intense period of collaboration, hacking, and creating awesome things. A hack is a quick solution to a problem – maybe not the most elegant solution, but often the cleverest (e.g. mashing up APIs, datasets and web interfaces from different sources in new and interesting ways).

A Hack Day is usually 48 hours long and involves a sleepover …although not much sleeping happens when everyone is either hacking or playing Werewolf. Some Hack Days have a specific focus. There have already been very successful Music Hack Days and Government Hack Days. It’s time for a Hack Day focused on Science! The mission of Science Hack Day is to get excited and make things with science!

Who is Science Hack Day for?

Imagine a Venn diagram showing the intersection of web geeks and science geeks …that’s a pretty big intersection. Science Hack Day is for anyone with an interest in bringing science and technology together (from dabbling with APIs/datasets/interface design to biotech experiments and prototyping near-space payloads). If you’re a coder, designer, scientist, citizen scientist, hacker or just an enthusiastic person with good ideas, Science Hack Day is for you.

When, Where, Who, What, How?

• When: November 13-14, 2010
• Where: Institute For The Future (124 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA, 94301 – 2 min. walk from Caltrain)
• Schedule
• Hack Ideas, APIs + Datasets (feel free to start adding to these pages whether or not you can attend!)
• Updates: follow @sciencehackday and/or subscribe to the wiki
• URLs: and

How do I register to attend?

You can sign up for Science Hack Day here!

There are of course a lot more details to be announced (sponsors, competition categories and prizes for best hacks, etc.), so stay tuned! Any questions, interested in sponsoring or want to get in touch with us about Science Hack Day? Send emails to

Hack on Geoloqi at SF Hack Day!

We’re very excited announce that we’ll be bringing Geoloqi to San Francisco for a Science Education + Geoloqi mashup.
We’re going to work on Geonotes based around science education. We’ll be creating Geonotes around town for kids to pick up and learn about science in the process. We can even make a game of it if there’s time. It all depends on who helps out, and what ideas get tossed around! We’re all very excited to see what happens! and we’ve got some great hackers signed up to help out!


* Kishore Hari, Bay Area Science, @sciencequiche
* Amber Case, Geoloqi, @caseorganic, @caseorganic
* Aaron Parecki, Geoloqi, @aaronpk, @aaronpk
* Jun Yin, Chemical and Evolutionary Biologist, @junnibug @junnibug
* Kevin Rohling, Developer, @sundriedcoder @sundriedcoder
* Jade Wang, Scientist, @qiqing @qiqing
* You?

About Geoloqi

Geoloqi is a secure, open source platform for location sharing. You can learn more about what you can do with Geoloqi here, and if you’re a developer, have a look at the Geoloqi API. ReadWriteWeb also did a pretty excellent write-up about Geoloqi.

Who is organizing this?

First and foremost, Science Enthusiast Ariel Waldman is leading the Hack Day charge. As founder and veteran of Cupcake Camp, she has a lot of expeience. Helping her out is an amazing team of science enthusiasts and hackers, including:

Arfon Smith (Galaxy Zoo), Ariel Waldman (, myself – Amber Case (CyborgCamp + Geoloqi), Ben Ward (Twitter), David Harris (Symmetry Magazine), Ed Gutman (Twitter), Eri Gentry (BioCurious), Ian Fung (UserVoice), Jeremy Keith (Clearleft), Jessy Cowan-Sharp (UMD), Kirsten “Dr. Kiki” Sanford (This Week In Science), Kishore Hari (UCSF), Mathias Crawford (Institute For The Future), Matt Hancher (Google), Matt Wood (Amazon Web Services), Tantek Çelik ( + Mozilla). You can follow all of us on Twitter here!

So what are you waiting for? Book your travel and show up at Science Hack Day this November. It’s on a weekend – you can pop down to SF and back to Portland in a jiffy. And if you’re a developer, designer or science educator, we’d love you on our team!

Get brainstorming!

Remember, you don’t need to have experience with hacking on science-related things to attend – just an excitement for experimenting with it! And if you can’t make it, it doesn’t mean you can’t contribute some ideas. We’d love to hear them!

Location-based Apps with Amber Case and Aaron Parecki

Geoloqi GPS Logs - Portland, ORAaron Parecki and I have been working with a number of local and remote collaborators on an open source location sharing platform called Geoloqi. While we’ve spoken at a lot of conferences about it, most of them have been closed or specific events such as WhereCamp, eComm, or Intel.

If you’re interested in learning what Geoloqi is, we’d love to see you at Kells on November 10, 2010. If you’d like to come along, simply click on the registration button below. We’ll be there to answer any questions, and you’re free to ask questions on this post. If you’d like to sign up to beta test Geoloqi, or use the app when it is ready, you can do so at See you there!

Location-based Apps with Amber Case and Aaron Parecki

Wednesday, Nov 10, 2010 – 5:30-8:30pm

Registration required:

1849 Salmon St
Portland, OR United States


Amber Case and her partner Aaron Parecki are the founders of Geoloqi. Geoloqi is a private, real-time mobile and web platform for secure location data, with features such as Geonotes, proximal notification, and sharing real-time GPS maps with friends. Geoloqi has been covered by CNN, ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, Willamette Week and Oregon Business. It has been presented at eComm, Open Source Bridge, Show and Tell PDX and Research Club under the alias Non-Visual Augmented Reality with SMS and GPS.

What will you learn:

  • Why developers of apps should look at what users want to do now, as well as what users want to do in their future.
  • Why social apps should try to mirror real–world relationships
  • Why sharing should be about who you share with as well as how long you want the information to be available.
  • Why developers should think about making apps “ambient” and require less user interaction.

You Should Follow @Geoloqi on Twitter!

WhereCamp PDX | September 25th, 2010 | An Unconference on all things Geographical

WhereCamp Portland 2010

WhereCampPDX is a free unconference focusing on all things geographical. This informal meeting of minds welcomes all geo-locative enthusiasts, anyone who asks “where am I” or feels the need to “know their place”.

WhereCamp is my #1 favorite Portland conference besides Open Source Bridge. In 2008, it was where I came up with an idea that would later become Geoloqi. Little did I know that Aaron Parecki was working on the exact same thing at the exact same time.

WhereCamp Portland Reid Beels

The great thing about WhereCamp is that is brings together a bunch of really intelligent people interested in GPS and geolocation. There’s so much data to absorb that the conference feels like an adrenaline rush to the brain.

What’s an Unconference?

An unconference is a conference planned by the participants, we all convene together, plan sessions, and have break-outs into sessions. This gives everybody an opportunity to bring to the table the things that interest them the most and lets us talk about new topics that are still new and exploratory. Part of what is important to hearing new voices and getting new ideas is lowering barriers to participation – this event is free and it is driven by the participants.


  • Friday, September 24th: Evening kickoff party, location TBA
  • Saturday, September 25th: Unconference from 10AM-6PM at Metro, followed by dinner and hacking, location TBA.
  • Sunday, September 26th: Games and other fun activities, around downtown/Old Town, details TBA.


600 NE Grand
Portland, OR 97232

RSVP on Eventbrite

Wherecamp is free, but we need to know that you’re planning to come! Please sign up on Eventbrite and put it on your calendar. This year’s event is going to be excellent.

WhereCamp Portland Sessions

Session Ideas?

We’re welcoming all session ideas. The best place to put them is on the WhereCamp wiki!

Sound Good?

Hope to see you there! If you’re interested in WhereCamp, you might want to also check out CyborgCamp, which will happen only a few weeks later on October 2nd at Webtrends.



Amber Case, (@caseorganic) is a Cyborg Anthropologist studying the interaction between humans and computers and how our relationship with information is changing the way we think, act, and understand the world around us. She’s obsessed with compressing the space and time it takes to get data from one place to another, especially when the final destination is the mind.