An Introduction to Ward Cunningham’s Smallest Federated Wiki


Wiki-founder Ward Cunningham shared his idea of a Smallest Federated Wiki SFW during IndieWebCamp this June. In a few short weeks, he brought his idea to life and is inviting others to work with him on it!

What is SFW?

The Smallest Federated Wiki project wants to be small in the “easy to learn powerful ideas” version of small. It wants to be a wiki so that strangers can meet and create works of value together. And it wants to be federated so that the burden of maintaining long-lasting content is shared among those who care.


Project Overview

Source Code


Instance – New Simplest Federated Wiki Install
Live data – Try dragging around the sections to re-order them!
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Smallest Federated Wiki Collaboration Session

Come to PIE for a short hack session on smallest federated wikis. Max Ogden will also be joining us from San Francisco!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011 from 6–8pm


PIE: Portland Incubator Experiment
1227 NW Davis Street
Portland, OR 97209


Come to Portland Wiki Wednesdays!

Portland's Wiki Wednesdays!

What’s a Wiki Wednesday?

Wiki Wednesdays are events for people interested and excited about Wiki software and the communities that use it. People get together to chat, learn about wikis, find jobs, talk deals and generally cavort. Wiki Wednesdays in Portland, Oregon are generally held the first Wednesday of each month. Everyone, from the expert to the merely curious, are welcome.

Portland Wiki Wednesday

Portland Wiki Wednesday happen weekly at altering locations It is a nice time and space to hang out, network, wiki-ize, and enjoy the amazing people who tend to show up there. I highly encourage anyone interested in Wikis to stop by sometime to check it out!

The Wiki Experience

Wikis are different from other types of collaboration systems. Often, they get you thinking in better and more constructive ways than simply creating your own website or blog.

The first time I went to Wiki Wednesday, I got to meet Ward Cunningham, the inventor of the Wiki. You can read about that here. He told me a bit about how wikis work, the mindset behind them, and how he came up with the idea. My life, from that point on, changed significantly. I now use wikis for the majority of my research and web work because they allow for the curation and accumulation of knowledge more readily than blogs.

Sound Interesting?

Learn more about Wiki Wednesday at their official website.

Portland Wiki Wednesday Locations

  • Backspace, 115 NW 5th Ave. (1st, 3rd, 4th Wednesdays of each month, until further notice.)
  • Blitz Pearl, 110 NW 10th Ave. (2nd Wednesday of each month, until further notice.)

Save the Date | The New Communicators at Substance 10/28/09-10/30/09


Last night, around 6 pm, an event at Substance brought together many members of the Portland design/creative/new media/innovative community. Those tags do not describe the types of people there, no do they describe how it was to be at the event. Why? Because I wasn’t able to make it.

I’m going to review the event anyway (or at least provide information for others who couldn’t make it), as well as use some great pictures taken by Haley Lovett. I’m including them here, so you can understand some semblance of the event.


Okay, so what is The New Communicators about?

According to a post on the Substance website, “New Communicators are compelled to engage in conversation. They stand taller and stride farther when traversing the current media landscape. They are a mixture of digital and analog. Their message is everything interactive. Everything transmissive. Communicating is a give-and-take, speaking-and-listening, and New Communicators utilize a mixture of new and traditional tools to share their point-of-view with the world. Evolving conversation, they share their ideas, their truths, their lives”.

The New Communicators Video

If you missed it, here’s a Q&A in digital video!

The New Communicators Q&A – September 1, 2009 from The New Communicators on Vimeo.

The gathering was “about the evolution of conversation: exploring the pathways through which an originator interacts with a receiver. These connections can be fulfilling and triumphant; the failures potentially tragic and illuminating. Regardless of the outcome, these experiences are relevant, useful and inspirational. They should be open, discussed and analyzed in the interest of understanding what it means to be a New Communicator”.

What Next?

From Wednesday, October 28th to Friday, October 30th, you’re invited to hold an event around the theme of Evolving Conversation and explore what it means to be a New Communicator. The intent is to curate events for specific time slots in the mornings (8am to 10am), afternoons (4pm to 6pm) and evenings (7pm to 9pm) across the city. However, if those time slots become filled and you still want to hold an event, we got you covered. Any individual, group or company who wants to be a part of the convergence is welcome to do so and we will promote your events on our web site. Although, get those ideas in early if you want top billing and mentions in press content.

Event Response:

There was a lot of buzz about The New Communicators on Twitter. Some of my favorites:

hillerns: I learned something important this evening. When you invite folks to engage, you begin by asking, “What do you think?” #thenewcom

momothemonster: Great conversations at #thenewcom meetup tonight. Consider my fires officially stoked.

ephanypdx: 2nd thing I learned at #thenewcom: exchanging contact info is so 2004. Now we just follow each other.


Needless to say, I’m looking forward to hosting a session. Although I’m not sure on what yet. You can help me if you want by commenting below.

If that’s not enough for you, here’s a quick Q&A:

Who are you?

We are a group of like-minded individuals who believe the nature of conversation is evolving. It is our mission to illuminate this evolution, educate on how to traverse the new media landscape and inspire others to initiate conversations of their own.

What do you mean by “Conversations”?

Conversations are any kind of engagement in which thoughts are shared, ideas are exchanged and lives are changed. A Conversation is a dissemination of a point-of-view, a connection with an audience and a reciprocation to the originator. It is how we learn and grow.

What is a New Communicator?

Anyone who is compelled to engage in conversation by utilizing a mixture of new and traditional tools to share their point-of-view with the world.

Why are you doing this?

We want to seek out and share the stories of those who have found a way to break through to their audience in an authentic way using any medium, digital or otherwise. Too much emphasis is placed on the technology behind interaction, when it is the content and quality of the conversation that matters most.

How do you intend to make this happen?

We see our role as gracious facilitators providing an online space for participants to promote their gatherings, connect with collaborators and venues, and use our connections in the community to provide a context to share their experiences and promote their ideas.

Where is Substance Located?

Looking for 1551 SE Poplar? Here’s what it looks like from outside:

How Can I Participate?

Simply visit The New Communicators, or follow them on Twitter at @thenewcom, and the hashtag #thenewcom.