Typography Video Series Part II – A History of Serif Typefaces

Join Bram Pitoyo as he takes you through the abbreviated history of serif typefaces we all know and use today, from Gutenberg to Garamond, Baskerville to Bodoni (and everything inbetween.)

This is the second video in a 3 part video series on Typography by Bram Pitoyo.

Typography Series by Bram Pitoyo:

Typography Video Series Part I – Bram Pitoyo Explains a Typeface’s Anatomy

Join Bram Pitoyo as he explains how to measure and gauge a typeface based on its anatomy. This is the first video in a short series we recorded on Typography. Meanwhile, follow @brampitoyo on Twitter for more updates.

Bram Pitoyo Explains A Typeface’s Anatomy from Amber Case on Vimeo.

Typography Series by Bram Pitoyo:

Tools for Visualizing Facebook Social Graphs

Facebook Graph in Three Dimensions

Facebook Graph in 3 Dimensions
Made with UCINet, NetDraw and Mage.

Social Graph of Ariel Waldman

You can do this for your network. Simply see these instructions:

Using Netvizz and Gephi to analyze a Facebook network

Read more at the Sociomatic Blog

Here’s what the output looks like: http://www.flickr.com/photos/49155467@N06/4583993987/sizes/o/

Made with My Online Social Network app for Facebook, and visualized with GUESS.

I get a “not found” error.

But when I try to run it myself, I get a “Not found” error.

Social Network Graph of Amber Case

TouchGraph Photos seems to have been discontinued.

There’s an excellent Slideshare presentation:
Facebook network analysis using Gephi

Following an announcement on Sept 30 2009, Nexus friend grapher shut down permanently on Oct 7 2009. Nexus generated over 500,000 friend graphs for 84,000 users. It was shut it down because it’s creators no longer had time to maintain or operate it.

The Nexus site suggested a few possible alternatives: Social Graph, TouchGraph Photos, NameGenWeb (data only), Friend Wheel, Facebook friends Constellation. For Twitter, MentionMap.

Only one of these works for Facebook, and that’s Friendwheel. Unlike the others, it doesn’t group users in a way that shows the social gravity between users.

I was able to find another alternative, My Online Social Network app on Facebook, visualized with GUESS.

It also doesn’t work. I was able to find Flickr photos of the output from owners, and I asked them what happened to their apps. No responses yet.


I found Netvizz, which generates GDF files for GUESS and Gephi. http://apps.facebook.com/netvizz/

This is the only thing close to working, but when I run it, I get:

netvizz v0.3
Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘FacebookRestClientException’ with message ‘This API call could not be completed due to resource limits’ in /var/www/fbapi/netvizz/php/facebookapi_php5_restlib.php:3374 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/fbapi/netvizz/php/facebookapi_php5_restlib.php(1723): FacebookRestClient->call_method(‘facebook.users….’, Array) #1 /var/www/fbapi/netvizz/index.php(124): FacebookRestClient->users_getInfo(‘13467,13903,124…’, Array) #2 {main} thrown in /var/www/fbapi/netvizz/php/facebookapi_php5_restlib.php on line 3374

I checked the resource limitations, and it is built to handle networks of up to 4500 connections. I only have 900.

Then I found this:
Facebook Mutual Friend Network Visualization in Flash

The interface lets you see which of your friends know each other. At any given time it will show one of your friends as the selected node (in bold), and any mutual friends as additional nodes. Lines between nodes represent friendships. Clicking a node will select it and you and the new person’s mutual friends will appear. Finally, the colour of the circles represents gender for now: yellow is female, purple is male, and grey is unknown.

Guess what? It doesn’t work either.

Also, a lot of the source code became part of the Constellation Framework graph visualization library so the creator can’t release it. Although he mentioned on his blog that he was hoping to do another Facebook visualization using Framework and make the source for customizations available, nothing has shown up on his site.

Now what?

Here’s my question: does anyone know of any other solid ways to visualize Facebook network data? If not, is anyone interested in getting the Nexus code back up and running? It’s available and generates the best visualizations I’ve seen out there.

Nexus source code: Nexus-2009-10-14.tar.bz2 (see MUST-README.txt, DEPLOYMENT.txt files)

It’s written in Python and JavaScript, but the code quality is “PHP era” (no test coverage, tightly coupled, other problems). The site creators mention that it will take two days to get a Nexus instance running. If you do not know Python or cannot use a shell on Linux, it will not work for you.

Plug it in, Plug it in! 17 WordPress Plugins to help out your site

Plugins for WordPress

Great WordPress plugins are gems, and sometimes they’re difficult to find. Here’s a list of the current plugins I’m fascinated by.

If you look, you may find that some of them are just right for you, too. These plugins range from Administration, to Copyright management to future posts. Feel free to dig in!


New to making WordPress websites? Stop by http://firstsiteguide.com/ for a complete guide on how to get started on the web.

Cleverness To-Do List

Integrates a multi-featured to-do list into the WordPress administration area that is very customizable.

This plugin provides users with a to-do list feature.

You can configure the plugin to have private to-do lists for each user, for all users to share a to-do list, or a master list with individual completing of items. The shared to-do list has a variety of settings available. You can assign tasks to a specific user (includes a setting to email a new task to the assigned user) and have only those tasks assigned viewable to a user. You can also assign different permission levels using capabilities. There are also settings to show deadline and progress fields. Category support is now included.

A new menu item is added to manage your list and it is also listed on a dashboard widget.

A sidebar widget is available as well as shortcode to display the to-do list items on your site.


Average Rating – 5 Stars (10 ratings)


Adminimize is a WordPress plugin that lets you hide ‘unnecessary’ items from the WordPress backend and many many more …

What does this plugin do?

The plugin changes the administration backend and gives you the power to assign rights on certain parts. Admins can activate/deactivate every part of the menu and even parts of the submenu. Meta fields can be administered separately for posts and pages. Certain parts of the write menu can be deactivated separately for admins or non-admins. The header of the backend is minimized and optimized to give you more space and the structure of the menu gets changed to make it more logical – this can all be done per user so each user can have his own settings.

Average Rating – 5 Stars (66 ratings)


WP Admin Microblog

WP Admin Microblog adds a seperate microblog in your WordPress backend.

The plugin transforms automatically urls to links, supports tagging and some bbcodes and it’s possible to send a message via e-mail to other users. Now, with the new dashboard widget, you can read, respond, edit and delete messages directly. So, WP Admin Microblog is great for supporting the communication within blog teams or it’s a nice scratchpad. 😉

Average Rating – 5 Stars (3 ratings)


Simple Admin Menu Editor

Ever get tired of seeing the same menu options you literally never use? Or setting up a WordPress install for a client, and want to get rid of the stuff they don’t use, or would screw up if they could?

Easily and Simply show and hide what is in your admin nav. That’s it.

Us too. So we made this handy little plugin that gives you little checkboxes next to each menu item and sub-menu item, even for other plugins! Just uncheck the items you don’t want to see anymore, and they’re gone! When you need them again, just recheck and they’re back! No editing core files, and being over-written upon upgrade.

Average Rating – 5 Stars (1 rating)



CataBlog is a comprehensive and effortless tool that allows you to create catalogs and galleries for your blog.

CataBlog allows you to catalog pretty much anything you would want and share it through your blog in a simple but elegant gallery. Upload images, give them titles, links, descriptions and then save them into your catalog. Use tags to organize and filter your catalog items into multiple different catalogs. Show off your photos in high resolution too, now with the new lightbox effect which can be turned on in one simple step. Easy, intuitive design makes it child’s play to keep track of all your different catalogs and create amazing e-stores, galleries, lists and more.

Average Rating – 5 Stars (8 ratings)



Adds Twitter @anywhere javascript code to your blog, enabling Hovercards and linkification of @usernames.

Average Rating – 5 Stars (2 ratings)


Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu

All admin links available in a neat horizontal drop down menu. Saves lots of screen real estate!

The lazy and the productive will love it : all admin links available in a neat horizontal CSS driven drop down menu. No need to click on “Manage” then “Pages” to edit pages. And plenty more space on your screen.

For documentation, examples, screenshot and a live demo, please refer to the official plugin page for Admin Drop Down Menu. There is also an API for plugin coders (give your plugin its own special icon!).

Average Rating – 4.85 Stars (884 ratings)



Keep website users and mailing lists in sync and create campaigns from posts.

Automatically add, remove, and update users to your MailChimp mailing list as users subscribe and unsubscribe to your site. Create MailChimp mail campaigns automatically from blog posts. AutoChimp uses a single options page to help you to simply and quickly manage your preferred settings. In order to use AutoChimp, you must already have an account with MailChimp and at least one mailing list.

To use, save your MailChimp API Key on the options page then start adding your new registrations to any selected MailChimp mailing list. You can configure the plugin to update your mailing list when 1) a new user subscribes, 2) a user unsubscribes, or 3) a user updates his information. You may also choose to create campaigns automatically from post categories of your choosing. You can send the campaigns immediately or just save them.

Average Rating – 5 Stars (2 ratings)



A simple alert box configureable by the admin. User get’s a overlay div with the alert message once or more, just like you want it.

Well it is all what is says it is, an ‘alert box’, nothing more, nothing less. It displays a predefined message once. It uses the Lightbox-2 and the prototype window, both are included.

Average Rating – 5 Stars (3 ratings)


Change Image Type

“Change image type”, you can change the image type. In doing so, you can do to facilitate the operation of the site.

Examples of changes

*.bmp => *.jpg, *.png, *.gif . *.jpg => *.png, *.gif .

Average Rating – 5 Stars (2 ratings)


ComicPress Manager

ComicPress Manager is intended to reduce the amount of work required to administer a site running ComicPress. ComicPress Manager works in conjunction with an installation of ComicPress, the Webcomic theme for WordPress.

ComicPress Manager allows you to:

  • Upload individual comic files or a Zip archive of comic files directly into your comics folder and generate posts for each comic as it’s uploaded with the correct go-live date and time
    • To save a trip to the Edit Post page, you can use the Visual Editor right in ComicPress Manager to add styled text content to your post.
    • Using this method ensures that the post has the correct date and time as it’s being created, reducing mistakes in posting.
    • You can also upload a single file that does not specify a date in the filename, and enter in the post date on the upload page.
    • You can also replace a single existing file with any other file, preserving the original file’s name after upload
    • If you’re using a different date naming convention, you can convert the old convention to the currently defined date naming convention
    • To keep nosy readers from snooping around, you can obfuscate filenames, either by adding random characters to the end, or by replacing the title in the filename with random characters.
    • Images are thoroughly checked while being uploaded and fixed when possible

Average Rating – 5 Stars (19 ratings)


List Yo’ Files

Adds the ability to list files by file name for a given folder with hyperlinks to each file making it downloadable. The plugin admin pages also allow

Adds the ability to list files by file name for the given folder with hyperlinks to each file making it downloadable. You can include file size, date, and even an icon as part of the file list. You can sort by filename, size, or date (and reverse). The plugin admin pages also allow you to conveniently upload and delete files. This is a easy way for organizations, groups, and clubs to share files with members. For example, Home Owner Associations have used this plugin to list their minutes. Music websites use this plugin to show a list of downloadable sample files to visitors.

Average Rating – 5 Stars (4 ratings)


Post Page Associator

The Post-Page-Associator enables you to attach posts to a page. This Plugin has been granted the “Famous Software” Award!


As the name suggests, the Post-Page-Associator enables you to attach posts to a page. You can select a set of posts by category, tag, author or you just select some posts explicitly.


The handling is very easy. When you are going to edit a page you will see a box with the title “Associate posts with this page”. There you can choose categories, tags, authors and posts which should attached to this page. Optionally you can set the number of posts which should be shown on the page and some more settings like the post order.

Average Rating – 5 Stars (19 ratings)


Hide Update Reminder

Hides the Update Reminder in the Admin for all non Admin users.

This plugin allows you to hide the update WordPress reminder from all users that are not assumed Administrators (cannot upgrade plugins).

If you have multiple users then this means those who are not admins don’t need to see the message. Useful for CMS based sites, so the client doesn’t see the notice.

Average Rating – 5 Stars (10 ratings)


Blog Copyright (BC)

Inject a copyright notice into the footer.

Blog Copyright injects a copyright notice into the blog footer. You can see it in action on this very site. The copyright notice automatically updates the year range as time goes one removing the need to ever revisit your copyright once the plugin is put in place… Adjustments can be made to a variety of options including the starting year and the rights reserved statement.

Average Rating – 4.5 Stars (10 ratings)


YD Network-wide Options

Automatically replicate any plugin setting network-wide: apply sitewide settings. Spread your settings or options on all your multisite blogs.

This plugin has been thoroughly tested and is fully compatible with WordPress 3.0 multisite or with WPMU 2.9.

This plugin was originally named YD WPMU Sitewide Options. The name has been changed with version 3.0 to match WordPress 3.0 vocabulary and concepts. Backwards compatibility with WordPress MU has been maintained.

Centralized management of your network-wide installed plugins!

This WordPress 3.0 multisite or WPMU plugin installs a new settings page where you can choose which blog or plugin settings you want to replicate site-wide or network-wide to all your children sites. Any change (update) to those settings (options) on the mother site admin pages can be automatically copied to all the sub-sites (blogs).

Average Rating – 5 Stars (6 ratings)


Future Posts Calendar

This plugin adds a monthly calendar that shows all the dates you have future posts.

It adds a simple month-by-month calendar that shows all the months you have future posts for (and the current month no matter what), it highlights the days you have posts for, and as an added bonus if you click a day, the Post Timestamp boxes change to that day, month and year.

Also includes a widget so you can show users what upcoming posts you have on your website.

Average Rating – 4 Stars (9 ratings)