Block Recurring Gmail Spam Emails with Block Sender

Block Sender - Block Spam in Gmail

Do you ever get email messages that just don’t stop? Do you try to click the unsubscribe button, but the messages just don’t go away? There’s a way to stop those messages for good, and it’s easier than making a Gmail filter. There’s an awesome plugin for Chrome called Block Sender for Gmail. This nifty little plugin gives you an extra button in your Gmail account that allows you to simply block mail from a sender forever without needing to create a Gmail filter.

Block Sender gives you a Block button, next to the Archive, Spam, and Delete buttons. Press it once to activate the extension and remove the sender’s message while also blocking all future messages.

Blocking a sender doesn’t notify them at all. Instead, the extension quietly hides future messages from them from your inbox, or optionally delete all future messages if you want. If you want to automatically archive invoices, newsletters, or automated messages, you can enable the smart Sender and Subject Block to only match future messages from the sender with the same subject line.

Block Sender is intelligent, so you can flag future messages from potentially spammy domains so you can recognize them before you open them. The plugin is also forgiving, allowing you to undo an accidental block within moments and customize the settings for more flexibility.


  • Anonymous: The sender won’t know that any message you get goes to your trash immediately.
  • Flexible: Undo accidental blocks.
  • Freedom: Permanently delete messages or have them skip the inbox.
  • Advanced Filtering: Block sub-domains, subjects, or even individuals with an upgrade.
  • Insightful: Flag future messages from the same domain.
  • Privacy: Automatically create a fake “This email doesn’t exist” error message to appear in the other person’s inbox.
  • Block someone from harassing you with unwanted email
  • Block any newsletter you didn’t subscribe for and never see it again.
  • Shopping sites sending emails you don’t want to read? Block them with one click.
  • Getting a lot of notification messages from new apps you signed up for? Block them all without having to go through pages of settings.
  • Relationship end horribly? Never see another message from your ex again.
  • Can’t block a particular address? Flag all messages from certain domain names.

Download the Plugin for Chrome

Get Block Sender for Google Chrome.

Get Block Sender Pro for Free

If you blog about Block Sender, you can get the pro version for free! (The default version comes with a limited number of blocks).

Block Sender - Block Spam in Gmail

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