IndieReader: Subscribe to People From Your Own Site

Last night at Portland’s Homebrew Website Club Aaron Parecki modified the Selfoss reader to be able to parse Microformats instead of just RSS feeds. The result? A much asked for ability: the ability to subscribe to IndieWeb sites through a reader!

Selfoss reader hosted on parsing

IndieReader people list hosted on

IndieReader works because IndieWeb sites use Microformats, and if you have a reader that can parse them you can subscribe to the community without the messy XML of RSS feeds!

Have an IndieReader installed on your own domain? Take a look at the IndieReader subscription list file.

If you run your own IndieReader you can import this list into it and it will save you the time of adding each person individually.

Below is an example of how an article is rendered on your own site in the reader. I’ve been enjoying reading Ben Werd‘s posts from this reader the most since seeing them rendered in a totally new way.

Selfoss reader article view IndieReader

You can take a look at the Selfoss form here, download it and host it on your own site. It would be fantastic if we can get Microformat support incorporated into the original version of selfoss! Have issues to report?

Wonder what the IndieWeb is and why I keep talking about it so much? Join #indiewebcamp on IRC or check out!

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