I’m not going to SXSW this year

I have many fond memories of SXSW. Since first attending in 2008, I got a lot out of SXSW over the years, from attending, speaking, covering it as press with Discovery Channel one year, and eventually keynoting the event in 2012.

As my friend Jason Harris put it, “My geek friends aren’t coming…it’s just the brand peeps now,” adding “that SXSW has changed so much”. Used to be geeks hanging out. Now it’s brands and their agencies hanging out.

This isn’t a bad thing. The event has just changed. The people that I used to go to the event to see are no longer there. I simply can’t go another year and have memories but not the people.

What am I doing instead this year? Two awesome events. First, I’m organizing IndieWebCamp San Francisco Friday, March 7th and Saturday, March 8th at SF’s Embassy Network. Then I’l be speaking at Esri’s Annual Developer Conference in Palm Springs, California with the entire Esri R&D Center Team! Perhaps I’ll see you there!

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