In June I’ll be speaking at Frontiers of Interaction in Florence, Italy!

This June, I’ll be traveling to Italy to talk about humans and technology at Frontiers of Interaction in Florence, Italy. It will be an honor to meet a great number of brilliant minds and learn new things. I’ll be back with a report at the end of June!

The leading Innovation conference in Italy.

What is Frontiers of Interaction?

Frontiers of Interaction was founded in 2005 to explore topics and ideas in the field of Interaction Design. In a very short time, it has become known as the leading Innovation conference in Italy.

Frontiers of Interaction is a hybrid show that attracts inspiring international speakers and Italian talents, creating a bridge between Europe and Silicon Valley (digital cultural “hot spots” around the world) .

  • Local and international speakers.
  • Multidisciplinary audience of managers, researchers and media professionals.
  • A passionate cream of the crop team of organizers.
  • The unusual format creates an immersive experience featuring music, interactive and artistic installations, demo sites and keynotes, and makes it an ideal venue for thinkers and doers, innovators and academics, early adopters and long-term geeks.


Florence, June, 20-21, 2011.

Want to meet me there?

You can register for Frontiers of Interaction here or follow @frontiersof on Twitter!

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