I’m Leaving My Day Job to Work Full-Time on Geoloqi!

I’ve made the difficult decision to leave my day job and go full-time with Aaron Parecki and others on Geoloqi. In doing so, I am leaving Vertigo Software, the best company I’ve ever worked for. I remember feeling normal (as a nerd often doesn’t) when I first visited the headquarters last year. I remember finding it easy to talk to everyone about tons of awesome things. Had things been any different, I would’ve stayed for as long as possible. I fully intended on doing so when I joined.

I had the privilege to work on some incredible projects including mobile applications for NBC Sports. Each project gave me a new experience and a new way of approaching problems. Early on, I learned from Andrew Thompson what would’ve taken me years to learn on my own. My mind was stretched, my process developed, and my skills strengthened. These were not easy projects. The best things are not very easy. However, Vertigo had a way of picking projects that increasingly challenged me (like a good video-game) so that I could safely level up.

What Next?

Lots of speaking engagements, making Geoloqi a heck of a lot better than it is right now, interacting a lot more with the Portland tech community and global community, and a game of real-life PacMan using GPS! I’ll also be speaking all over the world, which was an effect of speaking at TED. It’s going to be an intense and interesting year.

Conference and Speaking Schedule

  • Where2.0 – April 19-21.
  • WhereCamp, Stanford University – April 22-23.
  • Open Gov West – May 12-13.
  • Webdirections Conference, Seattle – May 13-14.
  • Augmented Reality Event, Santa Clara, Ca. – May 17-18.
  • Open Gov Hackathon – Apps for Education – May 21.
  • Geoloqi at TiE Oregon – May 25th.
  • Geoloqi at Webvisions – May 25-27.
  • Frontiers of Interaction Conference, Milan, Italy – June 16-18
  • OS Bridge – June 20-24.
  • Indie Web Camp – June 25-26.
  • SF Writers Systems Theory Workshop – July 11-20.
  • Speech in SF – July 21-22.
  • Conference on Technology, Seoul, Korea. August 1-5.
  • Geoloqi in Germany, August 6-22.
  • Media Evolution: The Conference, Malmo, Sweden. August 23-25.
  • Westminster Symposium on Democracy, Westminster College, September 19-22.
  • Manchester University Speech on Technology and Humanity, September 23.
  • Conference TBD, Boston, MA, November 2011.
  • IxDA 2011, Dublin, Ireland. Feb/ 2011.

I should be updating all of this information into Dopplr as it happens:

If you’d like to book me for a speaking engagement or for consulting appointment, please see speaking.


A Dictionary of Cyborg Anthropology, illustrated by Maggie Nichols, will be available this summer.

Real-life PacMan with Geoloqi this Weekend!

If you’re in Portland this weekend we’ll be running a real-life game of PacMan at the Park Blocks. Hope to see you there!


Thanks to everyone at Vertigo and in the Portland and San Francisco startup community for their support. If you ever want to contact me, feel free to tweet @caseorganic. Talk to you soon!

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