Come to Portland Wiki Wednesdays!

Portland's Wiki Wednesdays!

What’s a Wiki Wednesday?

Wiki Wednesdays are events for people interested and excited about Wiki software and the communities that use it. People get together to chat, learn about wikis, find jobs, talk deals and generally cavort. Wiki Wednesdays in Portland, Oregon are generally held the first Wednesday of each month. Everyone, from the expert to the merely curious, are welcome.

Portland Wiki Wednesday

Portland Wiki Wednesday happen weekly at altering locations It is a nice time and space to hang out, network, wiki-ize, and enjoy the amazing people who tend to show up there. I highly encourage anyone interested in Wikis to stop by sometime to check it out!

The Wiki Experience

Wikis are different from other types of collaboration systems. Often, they get you thinking in better and more constructive ways than simply creating your own website or blog.

The first time I went to Wiki Wednesday, I got to meet Ward Cunningham, the inventor of the Wiki. You can read about that here. He told me a bit about how wikis work, the mindset behind them, and how he came up with the idea. My life, from that point on, changed significantly. I now use wikis for the majority of my research and web work because they allow for the curation and accumulation of knowledge more readily than blogs.

Sound Interesting?

Learn more about Wiki Wednesday at their official website.

Portland Wiki Wednesday Locations

  • Backspace, 115 NW 5th Ave. (1st, 3rd, 4th Wednesdays of each month, until further notice.)
  • Blitz Pearl, 110 NW 10th Ave. (2nd Wednesday of each month, until further notice.)

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