Loqi.me Wins Grand Prize in GWOBorg International Open Source Hackathon

On 10.10.10, Aaron Parecki and I participated in an international hackathon put on by Geeks Without Bounds. We finished at 4:30Am, just in time to submit the app and explain it over the hackathon IRC channel.


A few hours later, we learned that we won one of the grand prizes of $1010! Because we listed NedSpace as a helper, they were also awarded a matching $1010.  All of the prize money will be used to put on more open gov and open source Hackathons in the Portland community! If you have an idea for a hackathon, please let us know.

What is Loqi.me?

Loqi.me  allows mobile users to send an emergency GPS beacon to a real-time map. Crisis responders can view all of the help requests on the webpage, along with hospitals and fire stations, real-time 911 calls related to natural disasters.

Ground teams can easily use Loqi.me on their mobile phones to send notices of supplies and terrain reports in real time. Remote helpers can easily see the whole picture on the website’s real-time map, handle help and information requests, and send messages to the network.

Loqi.me supports subscription to group messages via SMS, AIM, Jabber and Twitter. No application installation is required. Location beacons can be sent simply by going to http://loqi.me on any GPS-enabled mobile phone.

Other Hackathon Winners

Sahana Eden + Tropo integration

Fran Boon and Praneeth Bodduluri’s innovation application that also used the Tropo API won one of the $1010 top prizes.  The features implemented allow Sahana to extend its presence over IM/Twitter/SMS – Simple queries can be performed on a Sahana instance using these.  Their app included examples that enable users to send queries via IM/Twitter or SMS to check Hospital Status or search for People or Organizations.  This was fantastic integration of two technologies.

Fran and Praneeth affiliated their project with Sahana Foundation, one of the key open-source crisis management platforms that GWOBorg worked with in development of the hackathon event.

GMap a Crisis

Psytek from AlphaOne Labs in NYC (one of the hacker spaces we visited on the tour) won one of the Apple iPad prizes for developing a simple yet powerful application that uses Tropo to monitor Twitter for certain hashtags: #crisis, and takes the geo-location information and displays it on a Google Map.

Play This or People Die!

The Jigsaw team took home the third $1010 prize (and they get the matching prize for their space, Jigsaw Renaissance in Seattle, Washington). They built a simple playsourcing application called Play This or People Die! that usesTropo SMS and connects to Sahana and allows gamers to “play” by helping to translate, categorize or geolocate requests for help.

Thanks to Tropo and Geeks without Bounds!

Thanks again to Tropo for sponsoring the event and providing great support during the programming sessions. Thanks to Geeks without Bounds for supplying the ideas and framework for an excellent hackathon.

Tropo – A powerful, yet simple API that adds Voice, SMS, Twitter, and IM support to the programming languages you already know.  Tropo will award prizes to those registered apps that use the Tropo API.

Geeks without Bounds -An international coalition of passionate problem solvers working together to assist people whose survival is threatened by lack of access to technology or communications due to violence, neglect, or catastrophe.

Loqi.me and CivicApps!

We recently submitted Loqi.me to the CivicApps competition for Greater Portland. This city-run initiative is making great headway in providing open data to developers and people with great ideas. If you’re in the area, be sure to come to the CivicApps awards ceremony on Thursday, October 28th, 2010 at Webtrends!

Haven’t heard of CivicApps? You should really check it out.

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